Amelanchier utahensis (Utah serviceberry)

Amelanchier utahensis | Utah serviceberry | Edible Uses

View photos of the edible plant, Amelanchier utahensis (Utah serviceberry), profiled in the Wild Edible Series: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

A passage from Wild Edible Plants of Arizona:

It is abundant from the White Mountains and Mogollon Rim to the San Francisco Peaks and Kaibab Plateau. Pinyon and Ponderosa pine elevations are its preferred associations.

A passage from Wild Edible Plants of New Mexico:

Ripening mid to late summer, the purple fruit are eaten raw. They are seed–filled, but if found in optimal condition, are still sweet and juicy.

A passage Wild Edible Plants of California::

Serviceberry seeds, like most of the Rose family, contain traces of cyanogenic glycosides. Drying/heating destroys these compounds. But even fresh in moderate quantities there is little to fear from Serviceberry seed. There are no cautions for the fleshy portion of the fruit.