These days, the bulk of my creative/professional effort goes into writing/private practice; however, there are ancillary elements that I wish to express that don’t fit well within these channels. Enter medivetus.com, a showcase of stray medicinal/edible topics and front-end display.

    • Images: A number of years ago I began in earnest to sift through the plant photos I’d taken over the years – mostly digital, but some film. Now uploaded and labeled by family-genus-species, they qualify as being medicinal, edible, general, poisonous, and/or rare. I do continue to upload photos (at a more leisurely pace), but they are from more recent excursions. As of 1/2021, medivetus lists 1251 species represented by 6500 images.
    • The Books Page presents a running bibliography of my writing endeavors.
    • www.tcbmed.com is the associate site to this one. It describes my private practice (with an office location) as an herbal practitioner: Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine. The consultations page on this site covers about the same material.
    • Studies in Western Herbal Medicine (and class photos) is a favorite page of perusers. Although I officially retired the course in 2015 (2000-2015), the memories I have of this time are fond.

Thanks for checking things out here, and happy edible-medicinal plant botanizing!

Author, Researcher, Clinician. Latest titles: Wild Edible Plants of Texas: Vol 1, 2nd Ed (2021), Wild Edible Plants of California: Vol 1 (2021), Wild Edible Plants of Utah (2020).